Magdalena Tul – singer, composer, author of lyrics. Born on April 29, 1980 in a polish city of Gdańsk.

She discovered her passion for music when she was 12 and she started developing her singing interests in a children’s vocal band.

As a teenager, she cooperated with many bands and gained experience both on stage and in the studio. She founded her first band and played as support to the well-known artists of the Polish music scene.

Since her early teens, Magda has been active in theatre. She completed her Secondary School in a theatre&arts oriented class. During her internship at the City Theatre in Gdynia, she was able to learn the secrets of this challenging profession.

In 1999 when she was 19, she enrolled in the Second Level School of Music in Gdańsk, in a classical singing class. She studied there for a year, working on her skills and expanding her knowledge.

In the same year, she enrolled in a graduate school, Bydgoszcz Academy, at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, where she specialized in artistic education in the realm of music.

She was awarded MA in Arts in 2004.

In the year 2000, she moved to Warsaw where she started working as a singer and actress for Studio Buffo, a musical theater created by Janusz Józefowicz and Janusz Stokłosa. She performed there as a lead singer in a musical “Metro” and also, in musical shows: „Beloved Country” („Ukochany Kraj”), “Sunday at the Central Train Station” („Niedziela na Głównym”) and “A Gypsy Evening” („Wieczór Cygański”).

Three years later, she moved on to a new challenge and started her cooperation with the Musical Theatre Roma. She performed there in such musicals as ”Miss Saigon”, ”Grease”, ”Cats” and “Academy Of Mister Kleks” (main part – Queen Aba) www.teatrroma.pl

In 2002, Magda was invited to work as a singer in a popular TV show entitled ”Name That Tune”.

In the meantime, Magda, nicknamed Lady Tullo, is working on her own original project together with Piotr Marcin Olszewski , a bass guitarist, composer and producer as well as Piotr Podgórski, a drummer. They soon share the credit for numerous accomplishments.

In November 2004, their song entitled ”Full of Life” was qualified as one of ten candidates in the Polish pre-selections for the Eurovision Song Contest.

A year later, on June 10th 2005, she performed another song, „Idź Swoją Drogą” (“Follow Your Own Way”) during the concert “Premiery 2005” in Opole.

Magda also took part in Top Trendy Festival 2005, at the concert Eska Hit Squad, together with a hip-hop artist, Sycha.

In November 2005, with the song “Full of Life”, composed by Piotr Olszewski, Magda won two main awards,at the International Music Festival Universetalent in Progue, awarded by the international jury in two categories, The Best Singer and The Best Song. http://www.universetalent.com/cs-historie2005.html

In June 2006, with the composition entitled ”Find the Music”, Magda was qualified to the semi-finals of Top-Trendy.

A year later, a composition from the album V.O.H entitled ”Tryin”was included in the Top Trendy 2007 compilation album.

Magda’s next achievement was the third prize awarded at the Unisong festival, held in the USA ,in the category Performance (Artist&Song)

The solo album ”V.O.H. The Victory of Heart” is the crowning achievement of Magda’s hard work throughout the years.

On 14th February 2011, having gained 44.48% of votes cast by TV viewers, Magdalena was selected to represent Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf. Although the composition entitled ”Jestem” (Here I Am) was one of the favourites in many countries in Europe, it didn’t prove successful in the contest.However, Magda and her song ”Jestem” gained her acclaim from fans all over the world.

In recognition of her artistic achievement, Magda was awarded numerous prizes and special distinctions:

1.Kate Ryan Award which goes to the country that you think should have made it to the final but did not qualify.

2.The prize awarded as a result of voting, held by the members of OGAE (General Organization of Eurovision Fans) around Europe and beyond its borders.

Magda also became Miss Eurovision.

The TV audience also knows her from the programme entitled the ” Voice of Poland” .

In November 2013, she released her EP, entitled ” The Beginning”,a sneak preview of the artist’s second album. The EP was promoted by a single and a video clip entitled “I am who I am”.

On 6 June 2014, Magda’s long awaited album called “BRAVE”, was released. The album was created in cooperation with Michał Nocny, the music producer.

This year is not the first time she delighted the audience with her performance in Opole during the jubilee 90 – anniversary of the Polish Radio on KFPP in Opole.

Now Magdalena Tul is preparing her new album with producer Kamil Karolak and concert tour.

Closer is the first song from new coming album with special guest from New York – Chesney Snow. Closer was mixed by world-renowned, great producer Dave Pensado.