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Magdalena Tul, is a sensational R&B Soul artist, songwriter and performer on the move in the music industry. Born in Poland, she is a true artist with the special gifted voice. At the age of twelve, she was fronting and singing with local bands at major events and soon became a household name in local circles. As time went on she was actively involved with musical theatres, she represented Poland in Eurovision Song Contest and she released as an independent artist three albums – 'Victory Of Heart’, 'Brave’ and 'Mindfulness’..

Magdalena, has performed numerous concerts throughout London, Italy, Portugal, Poland and throughout the world, where her magnetic performances gained many fans.

Her demo recordings were presented to the Banner Records Label under the direction of music veterans President/CEO John Anthony and label partners Arnie Abrams and Dylan Bernstein (son of the late Sid Bernstein, who was noted for creating the British Invasion years ago by bringing the Beatles, Rolling Stones and many more to America). The label released Magdalena’s three singles and video titled 'Face The Day’, 'Rediscovered You’ and 'If loving you is all I ever do’ world wide and soon will break her album 'Signature Of Soul’.

If you believe that your dreams can be your reality, miracles will start to happen. This is the power that pushes me everyday to move forward and this is my signature. 


Signature of soul!

Tour Dates

June 21st

New York Yankees AF - Live National Anthem Performance Patriots

July 5th

Atlanta Braves - Live National Anthem Performance (Televised and Radio)

Contact for Booking

Banner Records

EMAIL: mtentertainmentoffice@gmail.com

PHONE: +1 (609) 558-4400