“Mindfulness” album


Mindfulness – third album released by singer, songwriter and producer Magdalena Tul and producer Kamil Karolak.


Mindfulness is more of a creation of a duo rather than a solo album. The vocalist has created it together with Kamil Karolak, a classical violinist, who found his way in composing electronic music after years of performing on European stages.

The creative process ran in quite an unusual manner. Some pieces were created as early as in 2015, as a result of combining Kamil’s existing arrangements and Magdalena’s compositions, which complemented one another perfectly. After a year’s work on the album, the musicians had an unplanned, two-year break and eventually came back to the studio to finish the recordings.

In musical terms, the album came into being as if at the juncture of two realities: the world of electronics and the the world of emotions and feelings. The development of technology and personal development are happening at the same time and they are even stimulating each other. Such a vision, utopian to some extent, was the inspiration to create what you will hear on Mindfulness.

The album features a few very distinguished guest appearances by, among others, JReal Da Realest (LA), Chasney Snow (NY), and one of the tracks was mixed by Dave Pensado.

Magdalena Tul is an incredibly sensitive and versatile singer and songwriter, who values independence more than almost anything else. She gained popularity and widespread media attention in Poland due to her participation in the programme ”Name That Tune” and received considerable acclaim in Europe for the composition entitled ”Jestem”, which she performed as the representative of Poland in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. She already released two albums: ” V.O.H-Victory of Heart’’ and „Brave”. Now she is coming back with her new third release.