“Brave” album


“Brave” – second album released by singer, songwriter and producer Magdalena Tul.


The album entitled “Brave” consists of 10 new compositions and a few additions, mostly written by Magda. Through her music and lyrics, the mature artist sounds thought- provoking. She reveals her sensitivity and…inspires. Her unique vocal ability, quaint compositions and brilliant music arrangements form a good example of unity in diversity. Apart from MichaƂ Nocny, who was in charge of production, Magda also invited a few brilliant guests to cooperate with her, including Derrick Mc Kenzie, a long-standing member of the Jamieroqai band as well as Sound’n’grace choir, whose voice can be heard in the composition entitled ” So good”.

Magdalena Tul is an incredibly sensitive and versatile vocalist, composer and author, who values independence more than almost anything else. She gained popularity and widespread media attention in Poland due to her participation in the programme ”Name That Tune” and received considerable acclaim in Europe for the composition entitled ”Jestem”, which she performed as the representative of Poland in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. In 2007, she released her first album called ” V.O.H-Victory of Heart”. Now she is coming back with her new release.