✨’Face the day’ out now!✨
Today is the day when you can listen to my Debut single “Face The Day’’ on all digital platforms:
I am thrilled as an artist to share it with you all !
First, I want to say how grateful I am to my producer John Anthony for trust, faith and the musical works that were put in place during the difficult times we have all been dealing with around the world.
Thank you Chris Devanney of CDD promotions who had presented me to John Anthony,President/CEO and the Banner Records team who proceeded to make it all possible.
It was not an easy time for all involved, that’s why we wanted to give you a little hope, using only a positive vibe and ‘Face the day” is all about positivity.🍀
Thank you so much again to writers/composers Noel Cohen and Dan Zweben that I could record this wonderful uplifting song.
I hope this song will be the signpost for you and fill your heart with faith, hope and strength.🙌
Graphic: Kuba Jarnot