’Face The Day’ video out now!
This video is special for me because for the first time I had the opportunity to bring forth my full idea on the screen and it would not have been possible without the great cinematographer Piotr Raksimowicz who created that vision with me. I was thinking quite a long time what should be the movie story behind ‘Face The Day’ and finally I discovered that I want to tell you about my feelings, my dreams and how I’m dealing with my problems still being in the middle of my way. I always wanted to do my map of dreams and it was the first time I finally accomplished it for real.
Hope you’ll find yourself in my story and you’ll see your future towards a beautiful life because we are all well deserving of one, we just need to believe and go for it.
Below I want to give thanks to all the people who played a part in this video, my wonderful team.
(all credits in video)
Love you all!
Music & lyrics: Noel Cohen Dan Zweben
Cinematography: Piotr Raksimowicz
Lightning: Daniel Sipowicz
Sounding: Wiesław Sałata
Animation: Kuba Jarnot
Animation sounding: Christopher Hand
Zbigniew Ludwig , Maja R., Dorota Szczepańska , Justyna Julia Chrzanowska , Chris Devanney, Paweł Skocz , Sławek Gładyszewski
Santi Bello Patryk Gładyś
Agata Łubieńska , Ewelina Kruk, Urszula Katarzyna Dral, Natalia Kielan , Patryk Gładyś, Santi Bello
Beauty team:
Make up: Malgorzata Augustyniak
Hair: Studio Fryzur Bartosz WOLAK with cooperation Łukasz Kowalski
Stylist: Ewelina Zesiuk
Special thanks:
Kovalowe Ewa Zbaraszewska Lovetshoponline Tous Jewelry LE SH KA headwear LemonTree klub Stodoła Teatr Rampa Jakub Wocial Ania Dobrzańska, AMC AVIATOR , Maluje.pl